Program Information: Nanci Griffith followed by Iris DeMent
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PBS Premiere Date: 1995
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Austin City Limits presented two unique styles of folk music with Grammy Award-winner Nanci Griffith in her fourth Austin City Limits performance, followed by the heartbreaking ballads ofsongstress Iris DeMent.

Since Nanci Griffith‘s first appearance in 1985, the Austin native has found success outside the city limits, playing sold out shows at Carnegie Hall and The Palladium in London. Rolling Stone proclaims her the “Queen of Folkabilly”. Griffith’s endless talent for crafting and performing songs has earned her a devoted, international following. Her sheer honesty combined with tender retrospectives of love lost and love found create memorable melodies and universal lyrics. This Austin City Limits performance is no exception as Griffith effuses energy and emotion on songs including Flyer. With musical influences from folk to rock, Griffith creates a body of work reflecting the diversity of her muses.

With her crystal voice, and haunting, emotional lyrics, Iris DeMent reveals both strength and timidity before an audience. The intimacy of her songs coupled with her expressive delivery combine for a powerful, moving performance. Her gospel roots shine through her singing and songwriting. Growing up in a family of musicians who took their talents to church as musicians and singers, she cites gospel as her primary musical influence.

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Song List: Nanci Griffith followed by Iris DeMent

Nanci Griffith
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Iris DeMent
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Record Dates:
Nanci Griffith — August 1994
Iris DeMent — August 1994

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