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Armond has highlighted a problem I’ve had with Iris’ music for quite some time now.   And I **was** a huge fan.  I attended her shows. I bought her music.  I enjoyed listening to it.  I enjoyed reading about her and putting up this site.   But, I’ve been put off by her music constantly pushing a leftist ideology as the focus of the song(s).  I can accept the fact that her voice is aging.  I can accept the fact that she has a world view born out of ignorance propped up by a dishonest leftist media that ignores truth in favor of pushing an agenda.  What I can’t accept is her constantly harping at me and degrading me for my social/political views.  The fact that the nagging is based entirely on false data is even worse.

Her song “Going Down To Sing In Texas” is so full of leftist lies, it’s amazing.  The first verse falsely claims “where anybody can carry a gun” and it gets worse from there.  She distorts the Dixie Chicks controversy from the disloyalty and betrayal which formed the basis of the complaints into it being about sexism. Sexism wasn’t the point.  The fact that they went to a different country and used their platform to insult the country that made them famous was the point.  There is a line “How many more people of color Are we gonna let be gunned down by police” which is just patently false.  First, we don’t “let” blacks be gunned down.  Secondly, more whites are killed by police and the number of blacks shot by police is highly conflated; especially when you consider the ignorant trope of “unarmed black man killed by police” which is statistically zero.   The facts prove it false.   But, her leftist ideology doesn’t care about facts.  She only cares about insulting us.

So, I have been let down and pushed away by her insults and need to disparage people who see things differently.

I’m done.  I’ll probably leave the site up for the near future and let it continue to list articles about her.  But, I don’t have the heart for it anymore.

Armond’s Article in which he goes into detail is at: